If you play pickleball you may be familiar with Hudef, a brand known for producing quality paddles. Hudef recently introduced a new line of paddles called “Hudef Viva Pro”, featuring cutting-edge technology, such as the Viva Pro. Read this complete Hudef Viva Pro paddle review to know if you should purchase it or not!!

In addition to thermoforming and foam-injected edges, the Viva Pro boasts an entirely new face made from raw carbon fiber. As a result of these characteristics, it is considered a “Gen 2” thermoform, which provides outstanding performance in today’s marketplace. We will explain everything about the Hudef Viva Pro Paddle, including its features, pricing, and more. 

An Overview – Hudef Viva Pro Paddle Review

With a design that meets the preferences of a diverse group of players, the Hudef Viva Pro paddle combines spin and power. Hudef has crafted pickleball paddles for over a decade, utilizing the latest hot press technology in padel rackets. A variety of manufacturing challenges have been addressed by Hudef, creating a product that stands out among the others.

As far as thermoformed paddles go, the Viva Pro is one of the more controllable models. Most paddles in this category aren’t as plush as this one. 

Pros and Cons


  • Perfect for all skill levels.
  • Offers an ideal balance of spin and a power for precise shots.
  • T700 Raw Carbon Fiber face enhances spin capabilities and durability.
  • Generous sweet spot for accurate off-center shots.
  • Versatile paddle that caters to finesse and power players.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Affordable starting price at $99.


  • Availability may vary in certain regions.

Hudef Viva Pro Paddle Features that Set It Apart

hudef viva pro paddle review

The Hudef Viva Pro Padel has several specifications and features that make it stand out from other paddles. 

The paddle face

The meticulously crafted paddle face of the Hudef Viva Pro is at the core of its exceptional performance. With its T700 Raw Carbon Fiber construction, you’ll get more spin on every shot by significantly reducing friction. For players who desire longevity in their equipment, Raw Carbon Fiber’s face on the T700 enhances spin ability and durability at the same time.

Paddle Handle Length

This Viva Pro has the best handle length, at 5.5 inches. Playing with it feels good and is great for two-handed backhands. In addition, it has the largest circumference of 4.125 inches, making it the most popular size. For people who prefer a thicker grip, overgrips can easily be added to enlarge the grip.

The paddle core

The paddle core design of the Viva Pro sets it apart from other paddles. An edge-to-edge layer of foam injected with thermoforming technology provides a durable barrier against wear and tear. The combination increases the paddle’s lifespan, making it safer for players to play intense matches without having to worry about premature wear. A slightly squared handle ensures a secure hold while ensuring control during intense rallies, while also providing a comfortable grip.

Paddle Power

It is essential for players looking to dominate the court to have a powerful motor on the Viva Pro. The paddles are not quite as powerful as some of the Gen. 2 thermoformed paddles, but they still hold their own well. The Viva Pro has a great “Gen. 1.5” power range and can make decisive shots with the ball or strong passing shots. Comparing the 16mm version to other paddles, the 16mm version delivers more force.

Paddle Spin

There can be a big difference between winning and losing a match depending on the spin capabilities of a paddle. As far as this is concerned, the Viva Pro impresses. This paddle outperforms the majority of contemporary pickleball paddles, even if it does not have the highest spin output. In turn, players gain a distinct advantage on the court by confidently delivering deadly slice returns and dinks.

Paddle Control

Pickleball is a fast-paced sport that requires precision. Players can place shots with finesse using the Viva Pro thanks to its powerful control. With this paddle, dipping, dropping, blocking, and resetting are all easy and natural. With this tool, players are empowered to decide how the game will unfold, ensuring that their shots will land exactly where they intended.

Paddle speed

Balance and movement are good on the Viva Pro. Power and speed were balanced harmoniously. The system isn’t super fast or clunky/slow. The Viva Pro shouldn’t pose any problems with hand speed for most players. You should go for the 14mm version if you want the fastest hands. Moving faster is definitely a plus. Consider a hybrid paddle with a shorter and more aerodynamic paddle face, like the Six Zero Double Black Diamond or Vatic Pro Flash.

Paddle Sweet Spot

Players’ experiences can be made or broken by the sweet spot of a paddle. A generous sweet spot is achieved by the Viva Pro, in part due to edge-foam injections. Despite being off-center, a clean shot retains power and accuracy regardless of where it is taken. Even though the sweet spot on the 14mm version is slightly smaller, control and effectiveness remain intact.

Paddle durability

Hudef’s paddles are durable due to a decade of experience in manufacturing them. Delamination, disbonding, and core crush have not been reported on the Viva Pro. Hudef offers players peace of mind with its limited lifetime warranty and this track record. 

Who is the Hudef Viva Pro Paddle for? 

It’s for pickleball enthusiasts of all levels who want to up their game. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner, this paddle offers a perfect blend of spin and power. If you value precision and control, the T700 Raw Carbon Fiber face will elevate your spin capabilities, helping you make those precise shots with confidence. Plus, the generous sweet spot and durability mean your shots stay accurate even when you don’t hit dead center.

Whether you’re into finesse or power plays, the Viva Pro caters to your style. It’s not just a paddle; it’s a versatile tool that empowers you to dictate the game’s flow. The Hudef Viva Pro Paddle will take your pickleball game to the next level, so you’ll have a more enjoyable and successful game. It can elevate your game if you try it.

What is the Cost of Hudef Viva Pro Paddle?

With the thermoformed Viva Pro, you should be able to get a little more power than the Gen. 1 paddle, if you prioritize placement over power. A lifetime warranty and thermoforming are included in the $99 price. Hudef Viva Pro makes sense if your budget is around $90+. 

In order to feel stable and in control, you should choose the 16mm. The 14mm might be a better choice if you want more power and more hand speed. In general, the Viva Pro met expectations. Having one will also make you happy.

Final Verdict

Hudef Viva Pro Paddle Review highlights the paddle’s impressive power, spin, and control. This is an excellent choice for the price, even though it may not be able to match premium options. Its enhanced hand speed makes the 14mm version stand out. Overall, the Viva Pro is a great pickleball paddle at an exceptional value. Hudef Viva Pro Paddle proves to be one of the best paddles on the market.

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