Are you in doubt about buying your first or next pickleball paddle? Let us inform you that the product currently in the market that can improve the experience of playing pickleball a thousand times better is the Diadem Warrior V2. Why? Because, this paddle not only can provide you with power, balance, and spin but also a stylized look and comfort.

At the end of this Diadem Warrior V2 review you will come to know nearly everything that can crack the code behind this paddle before you purchase it.

So let’s cut the intro phase and find out what are the actual factors that you need to know before buying A Diadem Warrior V2. 

Diadem Warrior V2 Paddle – An Overview

Want to play with good power, control, and spin? Then Diadem Warrior 

V2 can be your best option. Not only does this paddle provide you with the features you need the most but also it has an alluring look.It is a rock-solid paddle that can survive your smashing strokes easily for several years and also can be a threat to your opponent. 

In short, it is like Thor’s Hammer that will play a significant role in ensuring your victory. As it offers some of the best specs it will cost a little bit more than some other paddles of the market.

Key Features 

  • Design: Core molding Edgeless
  • Paddle Material: Liquid Carbon Fiber 
  • Face Finish: Etched raw carbon Fiber T700 paddle 
  • Thickness: 19mm
  • Core: 3XL ‘’Aramid’’ Polypropylene and Normex honeycomb 8mm PP 
  • Average weight: 8.25oz
  • USAPA Approved


  • Shape: Prolonged
  • Court Type: All
  • Grip Length: 5.3”
  • Grip Size:  4 ⅛”
  • Swing Weight: 116
  • Spin RPM: 1588
  • Width: 7 ⅖
  • Total Length:  16 ⅖
  • Price: $229.95 only
  • Warranty: 6 month

Specs That Need to Consider of Diadem Warrior V2 

Diadem Warrior V2 Review

When we think of purchasing paddles or something else, the first thing that comes into our mind is the specs. Isn’t it? And we keep digging until our device doesn’t die. Our minds get confused as there is a lot of information on the internet. We forget what we are searching for. 

Okay, there is a simple way to avoid any kind of absurd knowledge. Want to know what it is? Well, Just focus on the performance facts and materials.And surprisingly the truth is Diadem Warrior V2  has some key specs that easily can differ from others in the market. So let’s not waste any time in this intro and delve into the rational specs with honest review and experience of Diadem Warrior V2.

  • Power: If you are thinking about any well-balanced paddle in the market now, then Diadem Warrior V2 can be the paddle that you are looking for. It offers not only maximum power but also modest control. With a 19mm core with a little bit of heavy-head weight distribution, this paddle provides you with good power for drives and smashes. The interesting thing about this paddle is its control. And, the Edgeless design with the textured face of this paddle provides you excellent control for volley and dinks. One more good things is that the Warrior paddle feels plusher, has more topspin, and has the same power as the Legacy Pro 16mm paddle. So if will work really well for you if you are a Legacy Pro fan.
  • Spin: Diadem Warrior V2 has more improved spin than the original warrior one. But it can’t compete with other top spin paddles available in the market. For me, warrior v2 spin was average. But still, you can play well with this paddle. For its textured surface grip, it allows you to hit shots with a good number of spins.
  • Feel:What about the feel of warrior v2? Okay, I would say that it was quite hard and heavy when the original warrior was softer. In comparison to the original Warrior and other non-edgeless paddles, the edgeless design significantly influenced the feel of the sweet spot and the feedback on out of center impacts. More on that is included in the review’s control section.
  • Control: The control was very good in v2 and not a big difference from the original one. It feels very awesome up in the kitchen and when I was trying to hit my shot drops, this paddle worked really well. Over my shots, I have a lot more control. But things to note that, if you mishit the ball, then this paddle is not going to work well like other thermoformed paddles. If you hit the ball in the right place, then the control is going to work amazing for you.
  • Durability: When it comes to a paddle’s durability, the build quality of the paddle is important. In my opinion, the diadem warrior v2’s build quality was good. Although it has a fantastic edge garden, I added some additional protection with body armor tape. You can do that too if you need more protection.
  • Handle Shape and Hand Speed: Honestly, I loved the shape of the handle because I felt the bevels. This paddle is amazing for handle shape. Also, this v2 is more lightweight and fast than the original warrior paddle. So you will feel that you are performing far better with this paddle.   

Some Transparent Factors to Know: Diadem Warrior V2 Review

Before buying anything we should know the true factors for our desired product for being more comfortable with our purchase. Once we know the truth, the confusion or second thoughts leave the place immediately. Therefore, let’s find out some transparent factors about Diadem Warrior V2 below:

  • Price: The price of the Diadem Warrior V2 you can find is relatively more expensivethan other paddles on the market.
  • Weight: The weight of this paddle slightly heavier on the side which can be a holdback for some players. But this paddle is lighter than original warrior. If you used original one, then v2 can give you more fast feel.
  • Edge Guard: As Diadem Warrior V2 is thermoformed and does not have any edge guard its paint looks a little uglier than other paddles.

Things to Consider Before Buying Diadem Warrior V2

Before you buy your Diadem Warrior V2 there are a few things you should consider about. What are they? Take a look at the following discussion to know some unavoidable precautions.

  • Budget

If you are one of those who choose quality over money, then the Diadem Warrior V2 is going to be a perfect thing for you. In this price range, you will find a lot of paddles in the market that will offer you various eye-catching options. But this one with some extra charges will last longer and give you a better service.  It is a well-made, tough paddle consisting of high-quality materials like liquid carbon fiber, an edgeless design, and an etched raw carbon T700 face that could last for several years. So, if you have taken your pickleball career seriously, this paddle is not a bad investment.

  • Intended Use

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pickleball player, the Diadem Warrior V2 will add a twist to your playing experience. This paddle offers you more power and control as it has a head-heavy balance. The 3XL core of the Warrior V2 is a durable one which provides you good control. These traits of Diadem Warrior V2 stand as a tremendous all-rounder paddle that is suitable for all category players. 

  • Compatibility with Existing Devices

What I am going to tell you may sound silly but sometimes it appears as a great privilege. How? Well, if you have any other pickleball equipment like a paddle bag or case make sure that the Diadem Warrior V2 will be compatible with it because this paddle is 16 inches long and 8 inches wide,therefore you should measure your paddle bag or case before making your purchase.

  • Grip Size 

As the Diadem Warrior V2 has a 4 ⅛” size, this paddle will fill your palm properly if you have normal-sized hands.  With a large hand, you may have to purchase a paddle that has a larger grip.

  • Surface Texture

This paddle has some crazy surface textures that help to generate the exact spin you want. When you are hitting shorts with more power this can be a helpful feature to impact more power with control.

Are Diadem Warrior V2 Worth It?

The answer to whether Diadem Warrior V2 is worth it or not depends on your budget and your expectations as a pickleball player as it’s an expensive paddle. However, with some extra penny, you can enjoy its note-worthy power, control, and spin.

If you have made up your mind that you want to purchase a quality product then we are suggesting you this high-end paddle that is not only powerful and well-balanced but also very soft and comfortable to play with.

If you are thinking that you want to hit a tournament then this paddle can be your good option but if you are a beginner then do try to purchase a less expensive paddle. There are so many reasonable quality paddles at affordable prices out there in the market.

Pros and Cons

  • Well-made and Durable
  • Good power and control
  • Excellent Grip
  • Head-heavy balance to ensure more power 
  • Core molding edgeless design
  • Etched raw carbon face to generate more spin
  • Expensive
  • The packaging might not be good for everyone.

Bottom Line

And so we are at the end of the Diadem Warrior V2 review. Hope this review has quenched your thirst for knowing the exact facts about this newcomer Diadem Warrior V2. This is a great purchase if you are a professional pickleball player. With the power, comfort, and spin with an eye-catching edgeless design and color this paddle is one of the best options you can buy. Nevertheless, your decision about quality over money can satisfy this Diadem Warrior V2 from every side. It is more powerful than the original warrior. Overall, it is a balanced paddle from every side.

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